Flat Rate Documents

Set Rates to Serve Client Needs

Businesses already have a team in place and a budget. Loop Legal understands the economic constraints and visions of entrepreneurs. We offer flat rates for clients seeking a defined set of services in our many practice areas. This means that we can serve as much or as little as needed to bridge clients to success. Loop Legal offers a number of services on a flat rate with payment plan options. This includes services like:

  • Performing all tasks necessary to form an entity
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts – from SaaS to equipment sales
  • Updating and reviewing employment policies
  • Registering intellectual property with the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Drafting the documents to sell a dental practice
  • Developing compliance programs and all related templates
  • Providing training to management and supervisors
  • Reconciling RFP proposals and fulfillment to ensure projects stay on budget

There's no need to feel bogged down by confusing pricing. With Loop Legal, everything is clear from day one. Give us a call today and learn how our affordable legal services can make a difference to you.


  • Contract Management System ($5000.00)
    Restrictions apply based on volume and software.
  • RFP Drafting ($1500.00)
  • Administer RFP ($2500.00)
    Prices may vary depending on complexity.
  • Single Contract ($1000.00)
  • Deal Contract ($2500.00)
    Restrictions apply, prices vary with complexity of deal.


  • Single Member Entity Formation ($1200.00)
    For Minnesota only.
  • Multiple Member Entity Formation ($2500.00)
  • Wind Down Entity ($2500.00)
    Prices may vary depending on complexity of deal.
  • Update Bylaws and Minutes ($1500.00)
    Prices may vary depending on complexity.

Cyber Security

  • Incident Response Plan ($2500.00)
    Does not include technology related services
  • Cloud Contract ($1500.00)
    Reserved for cloud based vendors and products/software.
  • Vendor Vetting ($2500.00)
    Limited to one category. Pricing may vary depending on complexity.
  • Website Terms and Privacy Policy ($1200.00)
    Prices may vary depending on complexity.


  • Employee/Contractor Handbook ($1200.00)
    Training requires additional charges.
  • Non-Compete or Non-Solicit ($1200.00)
  • Social Media Policy ($1200.00)
  • Harassment Policy ($1200.00)
  • BYOD Policy ($1200.00)
  • BYOD Policy ($2500.00)
    Reconciling with handbook and other employment policies

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark
    Limited to single class. Prices may vary due to complexity.
  • Copyright
    Prices vary depending on complexity
  • Trade Secrets (DTSA)