lease a lawyer as needed for your business

Loop Legal offers clients the option to lease a lawyer or legal professional. The person is available onsite, remotely, or in any other arrangement. Clients who lease a lawyer or legal professional receive a strategy session before the lease and 8 dedicated hours of legal service during the designated time period. Leases are all inclusive and there are typically no additional expenses unless expressly agreed by the client in advance.

Leases can be for a day, week, or month. Leases for a lawyer are also available at a 30% premium for night, weekends, or holidays. Leases are a flat rate agreed to and paid in advance by client. Lawyers or the legal professional will schedule a strategy session prior to the lease. The strategy session will include discussion of any needs, planning for the most effective time, performing conflict checks, and any other appropriate Q&A.

Lawyer leases within the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area are currently available and start at the following rates:


  • $ 1,200 (onsite)
  • $ 1,000 (remote)
  • Negotiable (outside metro or combination of onsite/remote)


  • $ 6,000 (onsite)
  • $ 5,500 (remote)
  • Negotiable (outside metro or combination of onsite/remote)


  • $ 25,000 (onsite)
  • $ 22,000 (remote)
  • Negotiable (outside metro or combination of onsite/remote)


  • Lease a Lawyer
    May be used for a strategy session. Premium charge for holidays and weekends.


  • Investor Prepared ($1200.00)
    Pricing varies depending on complexity and need.

Rates for leases of non-lawyer legal professionals will vary based on specified need. All non-lawyer leases are subject to the same terms and include appropriate lawyer supervision.

Call Loop Legal today and find out how our lawyer leasing programs can provide you with the support you need at an affordable price.