On-Call Team Members of Business in Minnesota

Business moves quickly and can require ongoing legal support. A retainer gives clients the ability to have access to all services offered by an attorney when they need it—and only then. This means documents, communications, negotiating, and all other services needed to get things done. Retainer arrangements can be short-term, part-time, or full time. Companies taking advantage of putting a Loop Legal attorney on retainer means they can receive services like:

  • Drafting contracts, programs, policies, or deal documents
  • Negotiating contracts or financing deals
  • Handling all of the legal details, attending board meetings, and performing the follow-up with stake holders.
  • Consistent access to the attorney for advice throughout the time period
  • Freedom to schedule attorney services as much or as little as needed

Retainer clients have the support of a Loop Legal attorney advocating for them in many different ways. Contact Loop Legal today to learn more about the potential of endless possibilities with a retainer customized to your needs.