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How Online Marketing Expands Client Lists

When it comes to finding a lawyer, more and more consumers are turning to online searches to gather information and determine which attorney to contact. In an industry that formerly relied on word of mouth to expand, law offices are increasingly able to use online marketing to grow their practice. 

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Limit Your Professional Liability With Collaborative Management Agreement

In 2009 Minnesota was one of the first states to allow the practice of dental therapy.  Dental therapists are permitted to practice specific dental services under the supervision of a licensed dentist.  There are other limitations placed on dental therapists but this article will focus on limiting a dentist’s liability when collaborating with a dental therapist. 

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How to Price When the Current Market is Wrong

There has been growing resistance to the long-standing billable hour by clients (with good reason) for several years. As a result, the legal services industry is in flux. Some law firms will adapt in order to thrive and others will not. Loop Legal was formed for precisely that reason – to offer clients a real alternative to the long-standing flawed model.

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4 Reasons Why to Really Read the Fine Print

Small businesses and entrepreneurs often operate on a shoe-string budget, findings ways to keep the lights on month after month.  As a result, contract review becomes one of the many legal tasks taken on by the business owner. It may be tempting to skim over the contracts or simply sign the agreements to move on to the next thing. But, there can be big consequences in the fine print. Here are 4 reasons why you should understand what you are signing before you sign it:

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