Think lawyers are too expensive? Or, do you think that lawyers just don’t get it? Most lawyers have good intentions but often haven’t done anything but practice law. They also spent a lot of money to get their education and never learned business skills.

Loop Legal is different. We are legal professionals, but have experience beyond the court room. We have dealt with complicated business issues and had to actually resolve them without getting caught up in the intellectual legal novelties. Here’s four reasons why Loop Legal is different:

1. No billable hours

Loop Legal generally does not use billable hours to charge our clients. Our value is really what we do for our clients and not how long it might take to get there. Removing the clock opens communication and eliminates the time pressures of traditional law firms. Clients can call us and not worry about an unexpectedly large bill at the end of the month.

2. Creative billing options

We offer a range of different billing arrangements with our clients. Ever have a short term legal issue and wish you could get a lawyer to help? Well, our clients can. We offer clients the option to “lease a lawyer” for a flat rate. Leases can be for a day, a week, or any other time frame.

We also offer clients the ability to “subscribe” to a lawyer. This is not just another “ask a lawyer” call center. Clients set who can call from their organization during a set time frame (week, month, etc). Those designated people have access to the “subscription” to a particular lawyer and can call as often as needed during business hours. There is no obligation to call and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. There is definitely comfort in knowing that a lawyer is on deck should the need arise.

3. Solution focused 

Loop Legal is a business partner aiming to facilitate clients goals. We can’t offer direction unless we understand the destination that you want to reach. So, don’t be surprised if we ask “What do you really want?” early in our conversation. The Loop Legal approach is to start from the end and work backwards in order to help clients navigate the potential challenges.

4. Availability after hours, weekends, holidays

Small business owners wear many hats. Sometimes, the best time to utilize our services is often after your business closes. Loop Legal offers clients the option for legal services on nights, weekends, and holidays. There is an additional charge for this option, but sometimes circumstances make this option invaluable.