Minnesota-based Legal Counsel

The business of becoming compliant with varying regulations issued by multiple government bodies is complicated. Loop Legal attorneys help clients become and maintain compliance by starting with strong processes. The Loop Legal difference is that we are attorneys that provide a cost effective alternative and additional protections of a law firm to our compliance clients. Our compliance services include things like:

  • Drafting and implementing ethics programs to ensure compliance
  • Analyzing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) or Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) policies and auditing enterprise compliance
  • Providing compliance risk assessment
  • Implementing tactics for remediation of non-compliant procedures or protocols
  • On-demand compliance advisory services
  • Mapping of compliance demands to business activities and roles
  • Delivering or updating training and related materials
  • Serving as chief compliance officer where demand does not require additional headcount
  • Coordinating existing professional teams and vendors to reach compliance objectives under deadlines

Make sure that your business remains compliant. Call Loop Legal today.

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