Develop and retain great employees

Employees are the biggest asset and liability in most businesses. Loop Legal supports clients throughout the employee life cycle - from hiring to termination. Loop Legal helps clients with needs like:  

  • Draft customized hiring templates, handbooks, and on-boarding of new hires to avoid ethical or legal pitfalls
  • ​Provide periodic, routine, or ongoing training for staff to ensure ethical obligations are met
  • Advise on ethical and contractual obligations when utilizing freelancers
  • Develop guidelines and performance-management tools when supervising freelancers, contractors, and staff to ensure ethical obligations are met
Policies & Procedures
  • Develop social media policies and provide training to supervisors or employees
  • Draft sexual harassment policies and investigations manuals
  • Counsel clients on scheduling laws impacting operations and establishing related records for reporting
  • Implement disciplinary policies and audit compliance
  • Assess information security and workflows to implement access controls to maintain security
  • Draft Bring Your Own Device Policies and provide training for employees or contractors

Take charge of your company's direction by hiring and maintaining a culture where people want to come back to work. Let Loop Legal be your guide through this process.