Intellectual Property

Minnesota lawyers helping entrepreneurs protect Intellectual property

Intellectual Property (IP) s often the lifeblood of a business. The value of a company can disappear overnight if the IP is vulnerable to imitators and counterfeiters. Registering the IP is an important first step where Loop Legal helps companies. The next step is maintaining the IP in order to protect the future value. Finally, enforcing rights in IP is a critical step where Loop Legal can help clients stop misappropriation. Some services include:

  • IP audit, which can include current and future patents, copyright, trademark, and trade secrets
  • Identification of IP
  • Enforcement of IP rights
  • Developing an Intellectual Property Asset Management Plan, which provides a detailed explanation of all current IP rights, as well as a roadmap for responding to any future IP issues.
  • Drafting notices to protect company rights under the Defend Trade Secrets Act
  • Obtaining ex parte seizure to retrieve trade secrets unlawfully taken from a company

Our approach to protecting IP rights is unique because Loop Legal brings a customized approach to each item in the IP portfolio. Every company has different business needs and objectives that drive priorities of a company. Our dedication to offering tailored advice to a company, no matter what size or financial situation, is what makes Loop Legal different. Our low flat rates, retainer options, and transparent pricing assure that your company will be getting real value.