Public Policy

Shape Public Policy

Loop Legal is an advocate for entrepreneurs in a range of forums and issues impacting their business. We help clients tailor their goals and deliver impact to clients in an arena that can be complicated. Loop Legal has a passion for helping entrepreneurs reach their goals and we stand with them through that process. Our transparent and innovative pricing structure makes this a reality for our clients. The public policy services offered by Loop Legal include:

  • Leveraging our relationships and building coalitions
  • Structuring policy objectives and priorities
  • Building and implementing grass roots initiatives
  • Messaging and education of members, policy makers, and stakeholders
  • Testifying at hearings before policy makers or administrative bodies
  • Researching and gathering facts to respond to rules, ordinances, or policies under consideration
  • Advocating at the administrative, city, or state level for clients

Loop Legal is responsive, transparent, and committed to all needs of entrepreneurs. We bring a quick and effective approach for every budget when the stakes are high.