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Bryce Meyer provides quality and practical legal advice to business clients. Having represented many companies as an in-house counsel, Bryce has lived in the trenches and understands the day-to-day legal and business challenges clients face. Bryce has also worked with small start-ups to raise funds and build out sales infrastructure to help bring an entrepreneur’s product from idea to market. Bryce is licensed to practice law in Minnesota.

Bryce believes that quality, efficient and practical legal services is important to the start-up community. An attorney needs their mind and a computer to do their work and Bryce’s approach is to provide affordable legal services without the overhead and high hourly rates of large downtown firms.

Bryce has worked with small, medium, and large companies in the medical device industry, research and big data industry, and the technology industry. He has worked with established companies that have been in business for many decades and inventors starting a company to commercialize prototype products they’ve developed in their spare time and companies in between.

Having an MBA and B.S. in Economics, Bryce leverages his business acumen to help clients mitigate legal risk from a practical and bottom-line conscious standpoint. He can work with the business to analyze their different processes and approaches to mitigate the legal risks, instead of working for hours at high hourly rates to merely tell the client that the legal answer depends on what it chooses to do. Bryce takes pride in his role of mitigating legal risks so that his clients can grow and prosper.

Focus Areas

Securities, Cyber-Security and Privacy, Technology, Contract Management


Bryce Graduated with his Bachelors of Science from the University of Minnesota. He also obtained his Juris Doctor and MBA from the University of Minnesota.


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