Nonprofits and Trade Associations

Affordable Legal Counsel That Understands Your goals

Loop Legal provides legal services to trade associations and non-profits representing a collective membership of like-minded professionals. In these scenarios, strategic partnerships and relationships are critical to align the board and further member engagement. The alternative fee structures offered by Loop Legal can make it possible for organizations to receive attorney support. This flexibility enables the board, members, and attorneys to always stay in the loop on the strategic objectives of the organization.

Loop Legal can provide a range of services to trade associations or non-profits such as:

  • Governance and minute keeping
  • Attend board meetings and provide counsel on legal issues
  • Contract negotiation and drafting
  • Assist or otherwise serve as liaison to board committees
  • Non-profit considerations and planning Information and data security
  • Provide educational materials or seminars to members on relevant legal or business topics
  • Public policy advocacy
  • Develop and implement procedures for selection or management of professionals serving the board
  • Provide year end or wrap-up information to the board, members, or associated partners
  • Serve on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis

Make sure that your not-for-profit organization has the representation it needs. Our affordable pricing, industry expertise, and a wide range of services make Loop Legal a strong partner for nonprofits and trade associations.