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Stay in the Loop

Business moves quickly. Loop Legal provides legal counsel at the pace of business. Loop Legal is client focused and aims to facilitate business objectives while mitigating risk.

Loop Legal is different because it is a business partner that clients actually want to call. Our alternative fee agreements make it possible for clients to call early and often. By leveling the playing field, your legal and business professionals are able to stay in the loop. Open communication between all of the key stakeholders can make goals achievable while mitigating the legal risk of doing business in this rapidly changing economy. 


  1. Transparency. Communication is clear, concise, and direct to avoid unexpected surprises regardless of changing circumstances.

  2. Honesty. Close the loop by delivering the good news and the bad. Truthful and frank discussion lead to results.

  3. Proactive InsightThink ahead. Provide practical suggestions, potential alternatives or best practices.

  4. Accountability. Deadlines, goals, and reporting throughout the relationship as a partner in whatever way works best for your business.

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