Practical Business focused services


Law Firms as Businesses


  • Advise on vendor or client agreements to assess contractual, risk, and economic issues
  • Update billing and collections procedures to ensure ethical compliance throughout process
  • ​Advise on mark-up rules to mitigate contractual or ethical risk
  • Consult and provide strategies to minimize exposure in the event of client bankruptcy


  • Draft and train staff on BYOD policies

  • Craft a customized incident response plan to address cyber risks and confidentiality 

  • Assess and provide training with roll-out of new technologies adopted by the firm

  • Advise on lateral integration to ensure ethical and contractual compliance

  • Consult and provide any customized training for any technology demands

Hiring & Training

  • ​Draft customized hiring templates, handbooks, and on-boarding for new hires to avoid ethical or legal pitfalls
  • ​Provide periodic, routine, or ongoing training for staff to ensure ethical obligations are met
  • Advise on ethical and contractual obligations when utilizing freelancers
  • Develop guidelines and performance management tools when supervising freelancers, contractors, and staff to ensure ethical obligations are met

Marketing & Careers

  • Provide on-on-one career coaching for attorneys, executives, or legal professionals
  • Advise on ethical obligations in marketing and assist in plan implementation
  • Consult on social media, websites, and measuring ROI
  • Interview preparation and practice for RFPs, partnership consideration, etc.

Law firms are a special type of business that require unique support. Loop Legal represents firms and attorneys to sort through they myriad of ethical requirements, laws, and regulations that uniquely impact their operations. The representation helps lawyers navigate these complexities while remaining focused on their practice. Some of these services include: