Practical Business focused services


Business focused legal SERVICES


Loop Legal PLLC offers legal representation to clients in the following areas:

  • Start-ups

  1. Pre-organization planning
  2. Entity selection and formation
  3. Founder, employee, shareholder and contractor agreements
  4. Business plans, pitching, valuation, and term sheets
  5. Start-up and founder financing
  6. Capitalization
  7. Compensation
  8. eCommerce
  9. Assignments and joint ventures
  10. Website terms of use
  11. Information security and privacy

  • Small Businesses

  1. Acquisition and sale
  2. Financing and restructuring
  3. Leasing (real estate and equipment)
  4. Secured transactions
  5. Contract (negotiation, drafting, and enforcement)
  6. Protecting assets
  7. Customer and service agreements
  8. Licenses
  9. Information security and privacy (employee policies, BYOD, response)

  • Trade Associations or Non-profits

  1. Attend board meetings and provide counsel on legal issues
  2. Prepare and maintain all governance and administrative documentation
  3. Ad hoc, part-time, ongoing, or supplementary
  4. Provide member education or legal resources
  5. Public policy advocacy

  • General Counsel Services

  1. Managing outside counsel
  2. Performing typical legal work to minimize reliance on outside counsel
  3. Advise board and prepare corporate minutes
  4. Build buy-in and facilitate implementation of new policies or procedures
  5. Full-service business partner providing legal advice on all aspects of risk
  6. Lead or assist due diligence necessary for M&A
  7. Ad hoc, part-time, ongoing, or supplementation services​​